WordPress Admin Bar Overlapping When Logged in Bootstrap 3 , 4 Navigation – Solved

Most of the developer face an issue with the WordPress admin bar overlapping when logged in. in this article I’ll discuss why this happen and what is the solution . It only happen when you “fixed” the navbar position. Example of: Bootstrap 3x Class : navbar-fixed-top <nav class=”navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top”> Example of: Bootstrap 4x Class: […]

Display WordPress Related Posts Without any Plugin

In this article I’ll show you how to display related posts in WordPress.  also talk about how to display Related Posts by Category and Tags Related post functionality is an often desired feature for WordPress website owners. The related articles post widely used by many website owners . this trick uses for increase more interest to […]

slick carousel rtl support

Slick Carousel RTL Support

Sometime slick carousel after having value of “true” in the JavaScript. $(‘.your-class’).slick({ rtl: true }); it is not work properly both in RTL and LTR . either it works in RTL mode but LTR are missing . i’ll describe here. how it can be workable for both of RTL and LTR. make a conditional function function […]